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The Adulting Basics Courses are a series of life readiness workshops for young Kings, Queens, and Royals who are transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. In the ABCs, youth age 16 to 24 set a vision and clear goals for their future and begin working on action steps toward meeting those goals.  Through FFC’s culturally-responsive and empowerment-focused workshop series, students are equipped with the tools that they need to succeed in the adult world. This program is not an alternative to a general education, but rather covers many topics that are not often covered in the traditional classroom. 


  • Career Pathways: Knowing your goals, and how to get there

  • Work Readiness: Applying for jobs & Resume Writing 

  • Entrepreneurial Development: Owning your own full/part-time business

  • Wealth Building: Banking, Investing, and Credit Building

  • Leadership Skills: Interpersonal Communication & Community Involvement

  • Empowerment: Personal Development & Health and Wellness

More Than Just a Class: This program, in partnership with YES Duluth, also offers industry specific paid internships and job placement, as well as wraparound educational, mental health housing and financial assistance programs though Life House Duluth. Youth will also work one-on-one with professionally trained mentors who will assess strengths, skills, and interests, as well as identify, and address barriers to achieving goals.


After completing the ABCs, youth who are interested in owning their own business will be eligible to enroll in Freedom Youth Start-Ups (FYSU).  This entrepreneurial development program assists youth with drafting business plans, providing access to micro-loans, and industry specific technical assistance


Please Note: This course is for Real Ones only! The ABC Program is designed for students who are dedicated to their success and are ready to handle their business. Seats are limited, so please only apply if you are serious about your next steps to becoming an adult. This 6 week (3 hours a week) course is FREE and comes fully loaded with FREE Transportation, FREE food, FREE technology, and FREE childcare for any young parents looking to join. 


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