Freedom Farms Gardens

Freedom Farms is run by garden coordinator AC Kirk, who is always on-site during programming. Current programming includes coffee & conversation, youth activities, and multiple events throughout the season. In summer of 2022 we expect to have more garden-related volunteer opportunities. Check out the "events" page for a calendar with details about each activity! 


Locations: Currently FFC operates in Central Hillside at E 10th St. and Central Entrance Drive. As well as a space onthe corner of 3rd sreet and 29th avenue west, but keep an eye out for more locations & increased food access in Lincoln Park and other areas of Hillside and west Duluth.


If you have an idea for programming, partnerships, or a potential new location for food production, or other feedback please fill out the "contact us" form under the "about us" dropdown menu.

All Photos by Ivy Vainio & Betty Greene