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All Seasons Youth Classes

The Roots Of The Syndicate

Creativity finds itself among the long list of opportunity, privileges and passions that systemic racism has tried to exclude the BIPOC community from. So deep in fact, identifying even a small community of brown creatives, the individuals themselves, or their work, is challenging when you look around in most parts of America; while predominantly white organizations hold a monopoly on resources as well as perceived societal significance or impact. We face these struggles in most ecosystems and career paths of creativity: construction, film making, art, cooking etc. Most of the official educators and institutions within these fields lack cultural understanding as well as the willingness to learn. It was from this struggle that Freedom Farms was birthed.One of few programs dedicated to removing whatever barriers we can standing in the path of so many passionate creatives.

Waging War On The Issue At Hand 

As we are growing and expanding we want to do so with the well being of our members and community in mind. If you have creative dreams we want to help you. Can't find a class teaching a skill you wish to acquire? Let's make one for you and the other people in the area like you. Freedom Farms is here to fill in the gaps and provide support to all who need it. Freedom Farm's Creative Syndicate classes are created by the Black community, for the whole community.

"We simply must address the issue before going to war for a solutions."

~ AC Kirk - Freedom Farms Coordinator