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Mission Statement & Program At A Glance:

This program is designed to educate and empower people who align with any sense of femininity and their understanding of womanhood. We emphasize the freedom of every person to enter this space to find a sense of belonging. Girlhood recognizes the hardships that young girls face everyday especially if they have trouble identifying themselves within societal expectations. This program extends themselves by providing resources through connections within the communities of Central Hillside Duluth that benefit their education, wellbeing, and overall security. Girlhood will also highlight discussions surrounding mental health issues by providing outlets such as journaling, group conversations, and one on ons. Girlhood mentors will actively keep an open mind on how to best teach youth in ways that are relatable to their lifestyle. On each day of programming, members will be granted points on Attendance, Participation, and Engagement. This program recognizes that incentives are an important part of teaching kids a sense of ownership and will provide resources that reflect that.

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