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Neighborhood Youth Services Joins Family Freedom Center


Neighborhood Youth Services at the Washington Center, in Duluth MN, is now a program of Family Freedom Center! As the new operators of The Center, we're honored to bring our services to Hillside and help create a safe and prosperous space for children and families in our community. 

We adopted the Neighborhood Youth Services program as part of our organization, because we believe in its mission to help our kids succeed both in school and at home. NYS was founded over 30 years ago, and we want to uphold its tradition of being a haven for children and families, while adding new educational and recreational programs that will benefit the families of Hillside.


We don't just offer fun programming—we also provide opportunities for our children and families to learn about financial literacy, technology, entrepreneurism, agriculture and trade-skills, so they can grow together as a whole. We also believe that every member of the family should be uplifted, so we take a family-focused, multigenerational approach to community engagement, to build cultural resilience and deliver programs that uplift each generation.

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