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About Family Freedom Center

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Mission: The Family Freedom Center seeks to empower the Black Community by reconstructing cultural and socio-economic narratives and unapologetically embracing what it means to be Black, both historically and present day. Family Freedom Center will do this by exploring alternative means of education and providing resources that bridge the gap between community and families.  This bridge will engage members of the organization with love, respect, guidance, knowledge, and pride. Family Freedom Center programs will foster positive change in various systemic landscapes that directly impact the Black community while being inclusive to the Duluth community at large.

In practice, Family Freedom Center works to meet this mission with community allies. This began with our inception in 2015 as Family Freedom Schools, a program within Community Action Duluth. In 2018 Family Freedom Center was awarded our 501(c)3 status. We continue to build cultural resilience and deliver relevant programs that address structural racism and aspects of internalized oppression that affect Black families in Duluth. Family Freedom Center Founder Xavier Bell, who passed away in Fall of 2019, built this organization on 4 pillars.


  1. Develop Family Self Sufficiency  

  2. Economic Development through Micro-Business 

  3. Youth and Family Education  

  4. Intersection of Race/Poverty and Class training


In Summer of 2021, Jacob Aaron Bell took over as executive director and continues to guide the organization according to the foundational principles of X and the board of directors. FFC continues to rise as we promote Black excellence and work towards goals that fulfill and then surpass the dreams of our elders.

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