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Diversion & Restorative Justice Program

Diversion is a collaborative program run by Family Freedom Center and Men as Peacemakers through the Saint Louis County Justice System.


Restorative Justice & Diversion Program

Physical address:

123 W Superior St.

Duluth, MN 55802

Mailing address:

301 N 1st Ave W

ste 108

Duluth, MN 55806

Program Outline Description

This program allows first time juvenile offenders to avoid a lasting charge to their record through a variety of avenues. These include but are not limited to: restorative justice, community service, working with partner organizations, and participating in relevant skills groups. Youth will be required to complete a total of 20 service hours, which consist of community service, skills groups, and volunteer opportunities. Throughout the duration of the program, Diversion Coordinators will communicate with the participants, their parents/guardians, and Saint Louis County regarding each individuals progress. Successful completion of this Diversion Program will be dependent upon fulfillment of service hours required, as well as a consensus from all parties that individuals properly completed each segment of their service. 


Pez Davila

Opertaions Manager/ Diversion Coordinator

phone: 609-774-6517

Audrey Aouga

Youth/ Restorative Justice Specialist

Diversion & Restorative Justice Program Resources

Kantrelle Kirk

Youth/ Restorative Justice Specialist

Drop-In Youth Services: 

❖ Neighborhood Youth Services 

❖ The Boys and Girls Club 

❖ The Valley Youth Center 

❖ Damiano Center 

❖ Lifehouse 

Crisis Services: 

❖ Center for Changing Lives 

❖ Mn Teen Challenge 

❖ Bethany 

❖ Miller Dwan 

❖ LSS 

❖ Intensive Outpatient Programming

Mental Health Services: 

❖ Northwoods 

❖ Birch Tree 

❖ Well Stone Crises (on the Range) 

❖ Range Mental Health (on the Range) 

❖ Lifehouse 

❖ Nystrom and Associates 

❖ Human Development Center (HDC) 

❖ Amber Wing 

❖ LSS (Social Services

❖ Counseling in the schools

Gender Based Programming: 

❖ Men as Peacemakers 

❖ YWCA (young mothers of color) 

❖ Safe Haven 

❖ Building for Women 

❖ Planned Parenthood 

❖ Black Student Association (Denfeld)

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