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It Takes a Village!

The Center is dedicated to nurturing and empowering all youth in Duluth's Central Hillside through a comprehensive range of support services. Our programs focus on educational support with homework help and tutoring, free daily meals, and activities that foster social emotional learning and restorative practices. We prepare youth for their futures, helping them discover their purpose and role within their families and the community.

Located in Central Hillside, our services are accessible to all youth, both within and beyond the neighborhood. Through art, recreation, and community events, we connect Hillside youth to the greater Duluth community, fostering a sense of belonging and broader social integration. We invite parents and guardians to stop by, meet our dedicated staff, and see firsthand how The Center can be a vibrant, supportive, and culturally rich environment for their children. Be a part of our community, where every child can thrive and find their place.


Our approach includes mentorship, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship training, equipping youth with essential life skills. As an unapologetically Black organization, Family Freedom Center embraces diversity and promotes empowerment, addressing the unique challenges faced by our community. We believe it takes a village to raise a child, and by engaging parents and guardians, we build are building a village with strong support system around our youth.

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