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Freedom Farms 2023 Projects 



This spring at the Farm we are working on maintenance repairs and updates to farm fencing and garden beds. Our Farms Coordinator is completing max efficiency bedding for the gardens to optimize the use of space.

Freedom Farms.jpg


Starting this May, we will be hosting Coffee and Conversations every Wednesday (Weather permitting) at the Farm. Where our Outreach Coordinator will facilitate community or FFC related conversations and the weekly work list will be presented for volunteers to help us out around the farm. Watering/ mowing days will be determined upon the start of the season; and we will recruit volunteers as necessary as different tasks present themselves.

DSB_6869 FFC June 24.jpg


Farms Coordinator AC has been growing seedlings at our FFC office all spring. Planting will begin as soon as the ground is thawed, estimate is sometime in early June. Want to volunteer at the farm, be sure to register below.

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